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This cabin is an interesting and private place to stay when you are traveling the Glenn Highway between Palmer and Glennallen. It's perched on a hill overlooking the Matanuska glacier. You also get a great view of the Matanuska River valley, and majestic Chugach mountains. The cabin was hand built in 1973 from locally harvested spruce logs. There are French-Alpine dairy goats living on the property. Pets are allowed -maximum 2


The cabin has an outside deck and a propane bbq grill, so you do not need to bring charcoal. 

You can prepare your own meals in the fully-equipped kitchen, or dine at one of our local lodges nearby. Three historic roadhouse restaurants operate nearby all year round! Long Rifle Lodge is literally within walking distance, across the road, open from 8 am - 7 pm. Sheep Mountain Lodge and Eureka Lodge are a short (gorgeous) drive up the mountains. 

The cabin accommodates 5 comfortably. It can sleep up to 7 but there is only one bathroom. It has in total, 3 queen size beds and one single bed.

The Glacier View Log Cabin is a spacious family cabin, with an open floor plan that leaves plenty of room for everyone to spread out! You'll have room to relax, and space for the kids to play outside, too.

The large, loop-driveway allows easy, pull-through parking for multiple vehicles and ATV/snowmachine trailers. 4WD is needed to access the steep hill when there is snow and ice.  

For summer adventure, fall colors, or a winter retreat, this authentic Alaskan log cabin with a full kitchen and bath is a very comfortable and memorable place to stay. The cabin is heated with wood and there is firewood and kindling here for your use.

Have questions? Call me at 907-746-9059 or email